Shirley's Frittata

Delicious home-cooked recipes suggested by the villagers of Winteringham, Lincolnshire

Banner photograph by Ken Jacobs ©2007


Shirley’s Frittata

Shirley Robinson

Shirley’s Frittata

Eggs (5 or 6)
1 onion
Peppers (any colour)
Chicken (frozen cubes from Iceland are ideal, but can be replaced by ham or tuna
1 teaspoonful of mixed herbs
Cheese - parmigiano

6 mushrooms
Salt and pepper

Spray frying pan with Frylight
Dice onion, mushrooms and peppers, crush garlic and then place in pan and fry until nearly soft (don’t brown).
Take off heat and add meat and stir, placing to one side.
Beat eggs together, add herbs and seasoning.
Spray flan dish with Frylight, place mixture into dish, and pour over the beaten egg mixture, then sprinkle with cheese.

Cook on gas mark 5 in the middle of the oven for 30-35 minutes, until firm.


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