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Delicious home-cooked recipes suggested by the villagers of Winteringham, Lincolnshire


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by Michael Green



Basic mix
1 lb marscarpone
3 fresh eggs
3 tablespoons of caster sugar
2 packets of sponge finger biscuits – sugar coated
chocolate chips or grated orange rind

Liqueur mix
(i)  traditional Italian recipe uses 4/6 cups of expresso coffee with a small amount of brandy added to it
(ii) alternatively I have used to good effect, fresh orange juice and cointreau

What to do:


  1. Separate out the yolks from the 3 eggs and mix with the marscarpone – whisk to a creamy texture.
  2. Beat strongly or whisk the 3 egg whites with the caster sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Combine / fold in the two mixtures (the original recipe specifically whisked two separate mixtures rather than putting all the ingredients together).
  4. Make up the liqueur mix and dip the sponge fingers into it – don’t leave them long as they will quickly absorb the liquid and become difficult to lift out in one piece!
  5. Using a large bowl, lay a row of sponge fingers keeping them packed closely together.
  6. Scatter some cream mixture over the first layer of fingers.
  7. Repeat this layering process – sponge fingers soaked in the liqueur mix tightly packed together followed by followed by the cream until you end up with a final layer of the cream mix.
  8. Decorate the top of the mixture with chocolate chips for the brandy and expresso coffee mix or grated orange rind for the cointreau and orange mix.
  9. Cover the bowl with cling film and put in the fridge for 1 / 2 days.

Banner photograph by Ken Jacobs ©2007

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